The Bulgarian Adventure Continues in Valley of Thracians

During the two years that Jodie and I lived and worked in Bulgaria, we traveled extensively around the country. We learned about Bulgaria's history and culture, we visited its villages, and climbed its mountains. We studied the Bulgarian language and made many friends. It was truly an adventure, as witnessed in the many posts and pictures on this blog.

Just over two years after our departure from Bulgaria, I am proud to announce that my novel, Valley of Thracians, has been published and is now available for Kindle, with other formats to follow.

In Valley of Thracians, the Bulgarian adventure continues, only this time it's a fictional account. The novel is a tale of suspense as the characters make their way across beautiful Bulgarian landscapes in their pursuit of a missing American and buried treasure.

While the story is fictional, the places, customs, and traditions of Bulgaria I describe are very real. Bulgaria is an off-the-beaten track destination. This fascinating country comes alive in the pages of my book.

I hope you will enjoy Valley of Thracians.

Book Description:

A Peace Corps volunteer has gone missing in Bulgaria and everyone assumes he is dead, everyone except his grandfather, who refuses to give up hope. Retired literature professor Simon Matthews launches a desperate search only to be lured into a bizarre quest to retrieve a stolen Thracian artifact—an unique object of immense value others will stop at nothing to recover.

Matthews travels through a Balkan landscape dotted with ancient tombs and fortresses, unaware that his grandson has been confined to an isolated mountain cabin, slowly recovering from a severe head injury. Nothing can be taken at face value, as the woman assisting Matthews in his quest and the nurse caring for his injured grandson may have ulterior motives in helping the two reunite. Even when Matthews succeeds in joining up with his grandson, departure from Bulgaria is only possible if the missing relic can be found.

Now available on Amazon for Kindle.


  1. Hi Ellis,
    I have just finished reading your book and I have comments on it which are too long to publish here and which you might prefer to read in private. Could you give me an e-mail address to send them to you.
    Mine is

  2. Thanks for reading the book and for sending me your comments! I am glad you enjoyed "Valley of Thracians".


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