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The Bulgarian Adventure Continues in Valley of Thracians

During the two years that Jodie and I lived and worked in Bulgaria, we traveled extensively around the country. We learned about Bulgaria's history and culture, we visited its villages, and climbed its mountains. We studied the Bulgarian language and made many friends. It was truly an adventure, as witnessed in the many posts and pictures on this blog.

Just over two years after our departure from Bulgaria, I am proud to announce that my novel, Valleyof Thracians, has been published and is now available for Kindle, with other formats to follow.

In Valley of Thracians, the Bulgarian adventure continues, only this time it's a fictional account. The novel is a tale of suspense as the characters make their way across beautiful Bulgarian landscapes in their pursuit of a missing American and buried treasure.

While the story is fictional, the places, customs, and traditions of Bulgaria I describe are very real. Bulgaria is an off-the-beaten track destination. This fascinating cou…