Recently, we've had problems with some of our channels on TV, with poor or no signal, which comes and goes at will. This, of course, always happens at the most tense moment of the show that you happen to be watching.

After extremely strong winds last week, we lost all of our channels totally. I called the satellite company, and managed to find someone who spoke English. She very nicely listened to the problem, and asked me to hold while she put me through to the service dept. I was connected to someone who also spoke some English, and who walked me through a series of steps and menus on the TV to restore our signal. This worked for channels 1-12, but all the channels above that still had no signal. After trying a few more things, I was told that someone would contact us in the next 3 days, and come and realign the satellite.

On the third day, after still no word from the company, I called again, and got the same, pleasant speaking English speaker that I spoke to a few nights earlier. She was surprised to hear that we still hadn't heard from the technicians, and promised to get back to me and let me know when they were coming.

A couple of hours later, she called to tell me that they were on their way, and shortly afterwards, 2 technicians showed up at the house. They spoke little English, turned on the TV and tried to show me that it was all working. I then directed them to the Hallmark channel (which has recently become Diva Universal), and they saw that there was still no signal. From there on, it seemed like they were playing a guessing game - they were looking for something behind the wall unit that the TV is on, they looked for the satellite - went out onto our other porch, and upstairs to the roof. They played with the box outside our front door. They kept coming back to the TV, and trying different menus and calling people on the phone and playing with the menus again. At this point, none of the channels were working.

After looking behind the wall unit again, and speaking to someone on the phone while playing some more with the menus, they informed me that someone would call us the next day (Sat) about the TV. I looked at them and said - "But now there's no TV" - they agreed with me - "no TV". I looked at them and said " But, when you came, there was some TV - now there's no TV". Again, they agreed - "no TV". I asked them if they couldn't at least return the channels that I had before they came, and I was told that they couldn't - "no TV", and they left.

The company actually called us that evening at 8:30 (while we were enjoying our lovely dinner at the restaurant) to tell us that they would come the next day around 12:30. Quite amazingly, they did come on time, and proceeded to change the cable and get the TV up and running again.

Before they left, I asked to check the Hallmark channel - and dicovered that this channel still had no signal (as you can guess, this is a channel that I actually watch, so it was important to me that it would be working!). Their answer - the rain is inteferring right now with the signal, which is why it wasn't working..... Amazingly, after the rain stopped, the signal was restored, and the channel is working again. At least, until the next time that it rains.....


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