Technicians - Part 2

As I mentioned last week, we were having problems with our televeision reception, and had to have the cable guys out here twice last weekend to fix the problem. Although they restored most of the channels, they still left us with poor reception on a few, since it was "raining".

We had good reception on all of the channels for a couple days, but as the weather became more unpredictable, so did the reception - until we lost all reception on any channel above 28. This, by the way, was true only in the evening, when we're actually home and want to watch TV - during the day, the reception was just fine.

After another call to the cable guys, they promised to contact us on Friday, which they finally did at around 5:00 pm - promising to come out the next morning at 11:00. Of course, at this point, we had perfect reception on all the channels, as the weather was clear and crisp outside.

The two technicians showed up the next day at 10:40, turned on our TV, and then went to find the key to the roof. One went up to the roof, and the other was busy at the box outside our front door. And that was the last we ever saw of them!

An hour later, we were wondering if they were still around - should we stay home, or could we go out (actually it was much too cold to go out, but we wondered in principle if we could leave the house). We watched some TV, we had our lunch, and 2 1/2 hours later, we heard them again outside our front door, and then, I guess they were gone. They never came back into our house to check the reception and make sure that everything was working ok. But, when we checked the signal on the menu, we saw that it was at least 50% stronger than it had been before they came, so, hopefully, this time they got it right, and the signal will hold even in the bad weather!


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