Farewell to Mandarin

Since our arrival in Sofia, Ellis and I have been working in the Mandarin Office Center. This constitutes 2 very modern glass buildings which house quite a number of businesses, including a few connected Israeli businesses.

We have enjoyed working at Mandarin. Aside from the modern offices, the building is fairly close to where we live - a 7 min. taxi ride for me (if there isn't too much traffic) and a 25 min. walk for Ellis.

In a desire to have all the connected companies closer to each other, and with more office space than is currently available (companies are split between different floors and buildings), it was decided to move all the companies to new offices. The new offices are next to the third largest mall in Sofia, and near the airport. This will mean a much longer trip to and from work each day, and Ellis will have to come with me in the taxi, as it is too far to walk.

My company is moving out this weekend, and we will all meet at the new offices on Monday morning. Ellis's company will be moving in the middle of next week. So - yesterday, I packed my desk and bade farewell to the Mandarin Office Center. And farewell also to our favorite restaurants where we have enjoyed many lunches - Rainbow, Dobro and La Pastaria.


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