Armenian Dining in Sofia at Egur, Egur

On the occasion of my birthday, Jodie and I made reservations at Egur, Egur, an Armenian restaurant in Sofia. We didn't know what to expect but we had heard good reviews of the place. Egur means "come" in Armenian, so we felt we were being invited to try something new.

A taxi navigated the narrow one-way streets in the center of the city and dropped us off in front of the restaurant. We felt like we were walking into someone's home, as the dining areas were separate rooms and we had a table reserved in the non-smoking area. There was a piano along one wall and everywhere there were framed sheets of music. The waiter brought us the English language menus as well as some "welcome bread" (similar to pita) and small bowls of cheese.

Everything on the menu sounded so interesting, and different from what we were used to eating, however Jodie's plan to start with Olive Soup met with an apology from the waiter. Soups were only served at lunchtime.

Jodie started with a plate of stuffed grape leaves, which were unusual because the stuffing included cinnamon and raisins. My starter was called the Golden Dobrudzha. Dobrudzha is the name of the grain-producing region of northeastern Bulgaria, and also the name of the street on which the Egur, Egur restaurant is located. This starter was a plate of small grains mixed with onion, garlic, parsley and olives. Both Jodie and I enjoyed these dishes.

For her main course, Jodie selected the Lamb Roll, which was garnished with a green salad and another grain dish. I chose the Duck Fillet with Forest Mushrooms and a side dish of "Homemade Potatoes", wondering how they made these potatoes themselves! We were both extremely pleased with the food, which was filling and very tasty.

The minute we had sat down at our table, the waiter filled our glasses with cold water, which he continued to pour throughout the meal. We selected a small bottle of red No Man's Land wine (from Bulgaria) to accompany our meal, and the waiter made sure our glasses were never empty.

We still had room for dessert! Jodie has taken a liking to Baklava since our arrival in Bulgaria, and that is what she chose. I took the cool Ice Cream Cake. We were both stuffed when the dishes were cleared.

The entire bill came to 78 Levas including the wine, which we thought was quite reasonable, and we gladly added a tip to show our appreciation for a very good meal.


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