The Old Ruins On Our Street

I had noticed them before, but only recently did I have a chance to visit the old ruins on our street. This is an archaeological site about four blocks down. I haven't a clue what was here, or when, but my feeling is that this was a church. There is a large central hall and two covered graves, which made me immediately think of sarcophagi.

On one of my walks I noticed a large group of people, both young and old, cleaning away the weeds and garbage from these ruins. It is now very clean there, so obviously somebody knows more than I about the historical significance of these ruins.


  1. That used to be a roman mausoleum. Also close-by are the ruins of a basilica. Most of the nearby building were illegally raised over other priceless roman remnants, most of the time destroying them completely. I bet in the past some people at the municipality got good money to allow this.


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