Why Don't Bulgarians Like Their Soups Served Hot?

Today was rainy and cold in Sofia, so both Jodie and I ordered the Tomato Cream Soup for lunch at the Rainbow Restaurant near our office. The soup was good, but was served luke warm.

On Sunday I ate at the Dobro Restaurant, also not far from our office. I ordered the Vegetable Cream Soup, which was tasty, but also served luke warm.

Why don't Bulgarians like their soups hot? Jodie once asked her coworker about this, and the answer was that Bulgarians prefer to have their soups served at a comfortably warm temperature.

We have come to appreciate Bulgarian soups. We squeeze fresh lemon juice into our chicken soup and Jodie has made Bulgarian Meatball Soup. In the summer, Tarator Soup, made of cucumbers and yoghurt, is a cool refresher, and that is just fine. But in the winter, when you need to warm yourself up from the cold winds and rain, we prefer the soups to be served hot.


  1. For the same reason they will never allow a breeze to touch them in fear of the "grip". Simplified answer: Zashtoto... :)

  2. A very interesting observation!
    Let me ask you a question in return: why do Americans like to put so much ice in their water?! For me, one or two cubes are enough to make it cold, but Americans have to fill the whole glass with ice and then pour some water..if there is space left!

  3. i like my soup boiling hot and i have problem with luke warm soups in restaurants in Bulgaria too


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