Julio Iglesias - Live in Sofia

In my (Jodie) opinion, there is only one word that sums up the Julio Iglesias concert we went to last night – and that is Sensuous.

To start off, even at 67, Julio Iglesias is still a very sexy man. And when he sings, his voice just adds to the aura. And Spanish is such a beautiful language – you don’t have to understand the words – just feel them flowing over you.

The lighting was soft – blues, purples and pinks. The backup band was just that – they provided the soft background for the honey tones of Julio’s voice.

The female singers with Julio swayed sexily to his music – especially the girl from Columbia. And for three of the songs, we were treated to a pair of dancers dancing the tango to his singing, which, as Julio said, is the sexiest dance there is.

Julio sang songs in Spanish and English. His eyes, his voice (and his hands, when he was next to his female singers) caressed the audience. There is no question but that he performs for the women in the audience.

I have to mention the saxophonist – Dave Koz. He played a number of solos to Julio’s singing - and he was really good. His music just added to the whole atmosphere and was a welcome addition to the songs. And when Julio introduced him to the audience, he told how Dave met a Bulgarian girl on their first visit to Bulgaria (this was their 4th) – and he later married her.

For his encore, he sang my favorite song: “For All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”, and finished up with Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.

Two weeks ago, his son, Enrique Iglesias performed in Sofia. Most of the young women I talked to are crazy for him. All I can say is – if he’s today’s sexy singer, you don’t have far to look to see where he got it from . And I can only wish for him, that after 42 years of performing, that he can hope to measure up to his father as he was last night.


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