Across the Border to Niš, Serbia

Our friends Danny and Leah came to visit us for a week and while they did have a chance to sightsee in Bulgaria, we also went with them for a long weekend in Serbia. We rented a car and Danny and I took turns driving. We crossed the border into Serbia and our first stop was in Niš, the country's third largest city. We had no problems finding the center as our goal was to visit the fortress.

Below is the Liberators' Monument, celebrating the victory over the Ottomans towards the end of the 19th Century.

In Serbia they speak Serbian, and although there are some similarities to Bulgarian it's quite a different language.

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant in the city center. Jodie sat down with some locals (seen below).

A signpost in the center didn't explain too much to us.

Below, the city center as seen from the fortress walls across the river.


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