The End of Summer?

After a week of temperatures hovering in the mid 30's (C), and an extremely hot summer by Bulgarian standards, it seems that, overnight, summer ended and fall began.

Yesterday, we were sweltering in 36 C, and this morning, we woke up to temperatures in the low 20's. The wind was blowing and it was actually cold in the house. The 10 day forecast is for temperatures in the mid 20's, but going down to as low as 10 at night!

We just took a walk to the mall, and found that the whole park was covered with leaves that had blown off the trees overnight.

Although I'm happy to leave the really hot days behind, I think a gradual cooling down is the way to go, and not this overnight extreme change! I just hope that we stay in this range for a long time, and that winter will not be in a hurry to come.


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