Perperikon, Thracian Holy Site on Top of a Mountain

The ancient Thracian city of Perperikon is located at the top of a high, rocky hill in the Eastern Rhodopes.

Climbing up Perperikon is a challenge, and we first went up this rock passageway which was not easy going.

Perperikon is considered to have been a sacred place, and perhaps it served as a royal palace as well. Could this have been the throne?

Below: More visitors ascend the rock passageway, only to learn that the way to the top of the mountain has been blocked. There must be another way to the summit!

We retraced our steps and followed a path through the forest which was not as difficult. Finally we reached the acropolis of Perperikon, with the remains of a tower at one end.

None of the guidebooks bothered to mention that the ascent to Perperikon is not easy. Luckily, we all made it to the top and back in good shape, but our muscles would ache the next day.

Below: The forest on our way back down.

Legend says that Alexander the Great received a prophecy at Perperikon. The mysteries of the ancient Thracian site may never be revealed, but archaeologists continue to dig there in search of the past. An interesting presentation about Perperikon can be found on its website.


  1. These photos are enthralling--good for you for persevering on that rigorous ascent!


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