Teenagers On the Loose in Sofia

Hosting teenagers in Sofia was an interesting experience. When you take them to see historical sites, they'll snap a quick picture, and then move on. Luckily we had a computer and Internet connection to allow them to see videos and Israeli shows, and also luckily we live right near the City Center Sofia shopping mall.

The girls couldn't get in enough shopping time, and although we had warned them in advance that there's not much to really buy in Sofia, they found plenty of reasons to return to the mall on their own or to spend time at other shops in the city center when Jodie took them around.

To beat the heat on Friday afternoon, we took our visitors to see the newly released film, "The Sorceror's Apprentice," which we all enjoyed. Seeing a move late on Friday, and then going to a supermarket at 6pm, was possible because Shabbat only came in at 20:40.


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