Kosher in Sofia

As our nieces and nephew were coming to visit us for the weekend, our observance of Kashrut in the apartment had to be upped a notch, so we made preparations. How does one keep Kosher in Sofia?

The Sofia Synagogue sells Kosher cheeses. In the end we didn't buy any cheeses there, but we found on the synagogue's website a very helpful list of products that you can buy in Bulgaria that have been determined to be Kosher. This way we were able to know, for example, that Kraft Philadelphia cream cheeses produced in Germany are Kosher, as well as Kellogg's cereal and Orbit chewing gum. And our teenage visitors would certainly enjoy the fact that soft drinks, like Coca Cola and Sprite, are Kosher.

Jodie made a special trip to Beit Chabad, where they were very eager to help her. Jodie stocked up our freezer with bread and rolls, and bought white cheeses and butter.

In the end, Ellen sent a lot of food for our Shabbat dinner, and Jodie prepared pasta which the kids like, so there was always plenty to eat!


  1. Thank You so much for this lovely post :) it was very helpful, happy to hear about the Philadelphia cream cheese :)


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