Japanese Restaurant Anniversary Dinner

For the occasion of our 32nd Anniversary, Jodie and I decided to try a restaurant that's literally right down the block from us, but one we've never eaten at before. We reserved a table at Sasa, the Japanese Restaurant on the 18th floor of the Hemus Hotel.

The decor of the restaurant was just right, elegant and Oriental, but without overdoing it. The views from the 18th floor were quite amazing, but as the hotel is located at a distance from the center, they weren't as spectacular as our last dining experience above Sofia.

For starters, we shared a "Yasai Vegetable Tempura" and a "Sake Tsutsumini" Salmon stuffed with potato and truffle puree. We both chose fish, with Jodie enjoying the Tuna Fillet while I dined on Sea Bream Fillet, both served with a Soy Butter Sauce. Jodie elected to have grilled vegetables with her fish while I had a very tasty fried rice dish.

To accompany our meal we had a small bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and two bottles of refreshing imported mineral water, which together were almost as expensive as the wine.

The food was good, but left some room for dessert. Jodie chose the "Ich Ni San" Cream, a vanilla cream trilogy – with wasabi raspberry sauce, miso yogurt caramel sauce and almonds with Cointreau, while I chose the "Tart 18th Floor," a pancake tart with miso mascarpone cream, served with yogurt caramel sauce. Both were quite good.

We enjoyed our meal at the Sasa, and the service was excellent, but the bill was a bit expensive, 132 Leva including tip (61 Euros).


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