Daskalov House, Tryavna

One of the most beautiful house museums we've seen in Bulgaria is the Daskalov House in Tryavna, home to a local merchant from the early 1800s. The house has an impressive display of wood carvings, the work of artist Gentcho Marangozov.

Wood carvings of Bulgarian kings, prepared in the early 1900s.

The most interesting story from Daskalov House is that of the art competition between master woodcarver Dimitur Zlatev Oshanetsa and his apprentice Ivan Bochukovetsa, to see who could prepare for Daskalov the finer ceiling in the two upstairs bedrooms. Both worked at their creations for six months, unseen by the other. Daskalov declared Bochukovetsa's work to be the winner, and the apprentice was declared a master woodcarver. However the Guild of Carvers decided in favor of Oshanetsa. Both ceilings are simply amazing to look at.


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