The Charming Town of Tryavna

After visiting the Troyan Monastery, we set the GPS for the town of Tryavna. The GPS took us on the shortest route possible, straight to the east through forests and country villages almost off the map. The road narrowed and we worried that we would come across a car speeding at us from around the forested curves or arrive at a dead end. But after an hour's journey, we arrived in the town of Tryavna in central Bulgaria, where we had booked rooms for the night.

Hotel Familia is located right on the central square of Tryavna, where the more modern, ugly neighborhoods of the town meet up with the beautifully and charming streets of the old town. We went on a walk to explore our surroundings and came upon the Church of Archangel Michael with its slated roof.

On the Street of Old Crafts, we stopped inside a woodcarver's shop and were amazed at his work. We bought an oval-shaped piece with a flower design. Below is the artist, Petyo Damyanov, holding the piece that we bought with another work in process and the tools of his trade.

Below is the view from our hotel room.


  1. Huh, hope you really like Bulgaria. Im Bulgarian and I found this website in searching for photos of Balchik. There's so much to see in my country, but the pple are very bad, and they dont do a thing to make it travel destination and to save the culture. That's sad, but I hope that good times will come. Greets from Bulgaria :)


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