Restaurant with a View

We didn't really know much about the Pri Orlite Restaurant before going there on Saturday night with a group of friends. We heard that it was on the 18th floor of a building in the center of Sofia, but we didn't even think that there were tall buildings in the center.

We took the elevator up to the top of the building and stepped inside the restaurant and were amazed at what we saw. All of Sofia was displayed in the restaurant windows, scenes of our adopted city that we had never seen before or even knew existed. The windows were on all sides, so we walked around the room taking it all in, including the sun setting to the west. The best views of all were from the bathrooms! The golden domes of Alexander Nevski Cathedral sparkled in the city below us.

As for the restaurant itself, it was a bit pricey, apparently because you paid for what you were looking at. Jodie had duck, which was very tasty, and I had salmon, which was good but not anything special. For those prices we could have received much larger, tastier meals elsewhere.

Two things I found strange about the restaurant. First, the waiter never asked us if we wanted something to drink, nor did he provide a beverage or wine menu. After taking our order, he returned to our table to inform us that the kitchen had only 2 portions of salmon available. But that was okay, because our table had only ordered two portions. Hmm, a waiter who can't count.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the meal and the company of our friends, and we will probably return to Pri Orlite in the future to show off Sofia to our visitors.


  1. Interesting. The restaurant looks similar to SASA, which is also in the Hemus hotel, but on the top floor. Did they have lamb on the menu? A friend of mine and I are looking for place with reputation of great lamb.

  2. One of our friends said that she previously ate lamb at this restaurant, but on Saturday night it was not on the menu!


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