Montana, Bulgaria

Our last stop on our Sunday travels was in Montana. Montana, Bulgaria, that is. Montana is the administrative center for the region and the hometown of Ivelina, my former coworker and her family.

Above, Ivelina and me in the center of the town. Below are pictures of us with our friend from Israel, Iris, and Ivelina's mother and brother.


  1. It will come as a surprise to a large number of people that the state of Montana was named after a city in Bulgaria. What other explanation could there be?


  2. The state of Montana is named for the Spanish word for mountain, while the town of Montana, Bulgaria, is named for the Roman military camp set up at the site of an older Thracian settlement with the name Municipio Montanensium, which referred to the hill at the location. So most likely the source for both is the same.


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