The Belogradchik Rocks Rock!

Belogradchik is a town in northwestern Bulgaria and also the name of a fortress and nature reserve of bizarrely shaped sandstone, limestone and other rock formations. The Belogradchik Rocks were Bulgaria's candidate in the campaign for New Seven Wonders of Nature.

The Belogradchik Fortress, known as the Kaleto, incorporates the rocks into its defenses. The original fortress at this location was built during the time of the Roman Empire, and it was later expanded and reconstructed during the 14th century.

We visited Belogradchik with our friend Iris from Israel, and with my former coworker Ivelina, who lives in the town of Montana, also in northwestern Bulgaria. Below is the town of Belogradchik as viewed from the fortress above.

We viewed the amazing rock formations of the area from the fortress, which entailed climbing up many steep steps and one very vertical ladder. Great work Jodie and Iris!

After visiting the Belogradchik Rocks and fortress, we had lunch in a hotel in the town. Below is Jodie's artistic photo of the rocks through one of the hotel windows.


  1. Beautiful place! hope to see there! That fortress was reconstructed in Ottoman Empire, please dont skip these! :)

  2. Home Sweet Home! Take me back home! Bulgaria is full of history and culture, and most Americans do not know the location of the country, the culture, or race of my people


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