Torrential Rains in Sandanski

We stayed at the Hotel Timeout in Sandanski. Sandanski is a small city with mineral hot springs that cater to spa tourism. On Friday night we walked along the pedestrian mall and dined outside. But Saturday was a different story.

According to The Rough Guide to Bulgaria, "Sandanski enjoys the warmest, sunniest climate in Bulgaria." On Saturday it rained all day and we barely ventured out of the hotel.

The hotel had a very small indoors swimming pool and a small jacuzzi as well, so when we didn't get wet outside, we dipped into the water inside.

And we read. Our Saturday reading:

** Jodie finished World Cup Wishes by Eshkol Nevo.
** I read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson (which we were extremely happy to discover recently in a Bulgarian bookstore for 29 Leva).

For lunch we drove to a Happy Restaurant on the outskirts of the city and for dinner we had a rather unexciting meal in the hotel's restaurant. We retired for the night hoping that Sunday wouldn't be rained out.


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