High School Graduation Celebrations

During the last week of May, the streets of Sofia are full of cars racing along blaring their horns, with balloons tied to their antennas trailing behind. Sitting half outside the car in the open windows are high school graduates, celebrating loudly their first taste of freedom.

High school graduation is a big thing to celebrate in Bulgaria and the graduates spare no expense when preparing for their final parties. The boys spend money on fancy suits and the girls empty their parents' pockets to purchase expensive gowns. It appears that they're all noisily bound for the Senior Prom.

The graduates from one school gathered, with their parents and curious onlookers, in the street outside the Kempinski Hotel where their party would take place. As the cars drove up, bringing more and more teenagers, they were met by musicians, playing a lively Balkan beat.

Each graduate bounced up to greet the next of his or her friends to arrive. Pictures were taken and cameramen filmed the festivities.

Everyone was smartly dressed for the occasion, and soon everyone headed inside the hotel for the party. Who knows if these fancy suits and gowns will be worn again?


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