Farmyardy Yoghurt

On our trip south last weekend we stopped at a roadside stand and bought two jars of sheep's yoghurt. We have had sheep's yoghurt before on a number of occasions, including on our trips to the Rila Monastery, and enjoyed its richness and freshness, whether served with honey or jam. In Melnik we had a refreshing snack of frozen sheep's yoghurt with honey and nuts.

Half of the yoghurt we put into our freezer at home, hoping to recreate the Melnik treat at some stage in the future. The other jar would serve as our breakfast = muesli and yoghurt.

"This tastes farmyardy," Jodie commented after her first spoonful.

The sheep's yoghurt we bought was rich, but had not been fully processed, and still tasted a bit like the sheep farm from which it came, somewhere in southwestern Bulgaria.


  1. I like your creation of adjectives. I will have to incorporate that into my vocabulary.


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