Asado Grill Night

We were looking forward to a good steak dinner, not something that is easy to find in Bulgaria, so we were glad to join our fellow blogger Casey who organizes monthly dinners at different Sofia restaurants.

The dinner took place at the Asado Restaurant, not far from our home. We were a party of 8 in the crowded restaurant so it was good that we had a reservation.

While Casey gave the dinner a good review on her Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria blog, we would tend to differ. First of all, many of us wanted to order the Rib Eye Steak, but there was none available. The steaks that we did order arrived at various cooking stages, and not all of them were what was requested. One person had her steak completely over-cooked, while another returned a very, very rare piece of meat, only to receive it back 15 minutes later no less rare.

And the heat! The restaurant was oppressively hot, causing Jodie to take our her pocket hand fan and the rest of us to wipe the sweat off our brows. We asked the waitress to turn on the air conditioning, but she kind of shrugged to indicate that it was out of her control. It was not comfortable eating when you are that hot.

Casey was right to conclude that the price of the meal was good, but we won't be in any hurry to return to Asado. On the other hand, we look forward to future restaurant visits in Sofia to try other kinds of food!


  1. I totally forgot about the lack of rib eye... good point! The knowledge of cooking temperature was quite abysmal, but that is a risk we take in almost all places in Sofia. It really comes down to a lesser of two evils so to speak.

    I hope to see you guys in June! Thanks for coming out!


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