News: Archaeological Finds in Central Sofia Stop Metro Construction

It sounds like something we're familiar with from Israel. A major construction project in central Sofia has ground to a halt because of an unexpected archaeological discovery.

Workers digging the city's second metro line came across remains of a church with preserved murals dating back to the 12th century, and remains of early medieval buildings dating to the 5th-6th century. Several medieval graves have been discovered near the church.

The Culture Minister wants to preserve the finds, which may necessitate their being moved to a museum, or the rerouting of the metro line to an even deeper tunnel.

According to news agency ,"Downtown Sofia is filled with archaeological sites from the Antiquity and the Middle Ages; Sofia Architect Petar Dikov has revealed a plan to restore the Roman streets and structures of Sofia, known in Roman times as Serdika, in order to create an open-air tourist attraction."


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