Istanbul = Galata Bridge

The famous Galata Bridge spans the Golden Horn, linking two parts of Istanbul, the old and the modern. It is very near the bustling Spice Bazaar.

All along the length of the bridge there were people fishing. We crossed the bridge by tram the day after our visit by foot.

The lower level of the bridge is full of fish restaurants, and like the over-friendly salesmen in the markets, the waiters tried to fish you in as their customers. We could easily have had a fish sandwich for 4 Turkish Lire, but ended up in a very nice restaurant for a good fish lunch.

This is very appropriate = drinking Turkish coffee in Turkey.

We enjoyed the meal, looking out at the busy port, filled with ferries, fishing boats and ocean going ships.

This is the crowded passageway under the street we went through on our way back to the hotel.


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