Doctors' Garden

Two weeks ago we walked through a small park in the center of Sofia = Doctors' Garden. The central feature of the park is a simple monument, with chipped, inscribed stones around its four sides.

The inscriptions are names, hundreds of them. According to an article in Vagabond Magazine, which we just read, we learned that the stones bear the names of 531 doctors and nurses, all of them Russian medical workers who died in the 1877-8 Russo-Turkish War which liberated Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.

Also scattered around one corner of the garden are fragments of sculptures and buildings from Serdica, the Roman era town that stood at the site of Sofia.

Some of Sofia's finest buildings are located around and near Doctors' Garden. Nearby are the embassies of France, Brazil, the Netherlands, and the British Council. It's certainly an interesting part of Sofia.


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