Cherny Vrah

Cherny Vrah is the name of one of Sofia's main streets in our area of the city. Jodie travels to work on it, and I cross it every day as well. The street used to be very colorful, with trams clanging their bells as they passed in both directions, and people crowding the many small flower stores, fresh fish shops, and vegetable stands on both sides. And it was usually quite congested with traffic. Here is a picture of how we first saw Cherny Vrah.

And this is what the street looks like now:

The street is undergoing major repair work as part of the expansion of Sofia's Metro system. Every day there are new obstacles and obstructions on the street. Many of the small shops have been demolished in preparations for a Metro station, and the trams no longer pass by. The sidewalks have disappeared, and in some places you can't even see the narrow street due to tall barriers in front of the huge construction sites.

If there is any good news from this endless project it seems to be that there is less traffic, as the local drivers are wise to avoid the work taking place on Cherny Vrah.


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