"Valentine's Day" on Valentine's Day

How romantic is this = to see the new film "Valentine's Day" on Valentine's Day. This just goes to show that new releases of Hollywood films are released in Bulgaria at the same time they are first screened in other places around the world.

Lucky for us, films are not dubbed into Bulgarian, unlike the many American television shows that are shown on the different channels here with Slavic words coming out of the actors' mouths.

We have enjoyed many films at the Cineplex theaters, located at the City Center Sofia mall just a few minutes' walk from our home. Recently we have seen "Sherlock Holmes," "When In Rome," and "Public Enemies". One movie got away though. We saw that the George Clooney film, "Up in the Air", was playing once a night in a "pre-premiere" run, so we were sure it would be shown the following week. Unfortunately, that film disappeared from Bulgarian screens very quickly.

A good word should be said for the theater itself, as the seats are very comfortable, seat assignments are made on a computer screen when purchasing tickets, and there are no intermissions. Let's check and see what's playing next weekend.


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