Two Small Discoveries

I’ve mentioned before that we can’t always find certain products in the supermarket, since we either don’t know what they’re called, or we can’t read the labeling on the packages, so we don’t know what we’re looking at.

Every once in awhile, we suddenly come across something that we’ve tried to find before, but without success. In the past week, this has happened to us twice!

We’ve stayed away from all delicatessen meats, since most of these seem to be made of pork, which we don’t eat. But after seeing turkey on a menu in a restaurant, I told Ellis that we should remember the word for “turkey” in Bulgarian, and then look for it next time we were at the supermarket. Sure enough, we were able to find packages of turkey cold cuts! We bought a package and enjoyed a great meal of turkey sandwiches when we got home. And yesterday, my friend Monica told me of a shop where we can get chicken cold cuts also – it only took us a year!

The other product that we found this week was – breadcrumbs. I’d seen spicy breadcrumb mixtures, but just couldn’t find plain breadcrumbs anywhere in the supermarket, although we looked everywhere that seemed logical to us. Then, last night, while Ellis was picking out a loaf of fresh bread, I was standing next to a shelf of packaged breads, and there, right in front of me, were breadcrumbs! We weren’t positive that this was what it was, but when we got home and looked up the word on the package in the dictionary, we confirmed that we had indeed, finally found breadcrumbs….. Next week – schnitzel for dinner!

галета = breadcrumbs


  1. So what IS the Bulgarian word for Turkey? Is it related to the word for India or possibly Hindu? Last fall I ran across a fascinating article called "How Turkey Got Its Name" - which, of course, has disappeared from the Internet. But I did find this, which might be even more interesting since it has a considerable Jewish slant to it: Google explains Turkey

  2. The Bulgarian word for Turkey doesn't relate to any country, unless there is a country named пуйка.


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