The End of Our Mattress Woes

The bed in our furnished apartment was extremely uncomfortable. The mattress sat inside the bed's bottom frame, but the support bars were part of the mattress itself. This made the mattress extremely heavy. To make the bed, I would struggle to pick up a corner and Jodie would quickly slip a fitted bottom sheet into place. More than once the heavy mattress fell, catching my fingers inside the wooden frame.

Worse than the weight, though, was the fact that we felt the metal support bars inside the mattress when we slept. And for some strange reason the mattress seemed to dip slightly downwards towards the head of the bed. There was no way to get a good night's sleep on the bed, and we were waking up with severe back and shoulder pains.

Two weeks ago I walked through the snow to a store called Happy Dreams not far from the American Embassy. The salesgirls did not speak any English, but I was able to work my way through a mattress order entirely in broken Bulgarian. I paid for the mattress, learning that the payment covered the delivery as well, and received two Happy Dreams coffee mugs as a gift (one of them broke later that day at home).

The mattress was delivered last Friday, and the deliverymen didn't stand around expecting a tip. They wondered if they should remove the old mattress, but Jodie showed them how heavy it was, and that it was part of the bed itself. The new mattress was placed on top of the old one, making for a very high bed. But it's a comfortable one!

Our mattress woes are over. On a weekend morning when it's snowing outside we can stay lazily in bed, because it's a comfortable place to be.


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