Stray Dogs Enter Zoo, Kill Mouflon

We actually learned about this breaking news story after it was reported on television in Israel. But we have been aware of the many stray dogs on the streets here for a long time. They all appear to be from the same breed = a cross between the Cananaanite and a German Shephard. We had never given these dogs, which sometimes run around in packs, too much thought. But now they are in the news.

The director of Sofia's zoo says a pack of stray dogs killed 13 of its animals. Zoo director Ivan Ivanov says an unknown number of dogs leapt through a fence and attacked eight mouflon, four fallow deer and a doe.
Associated Press, January 30, 2010

The mouflon, by the way, is a subspecies group of the wild sheep Ovis aries. According to the zoo director, the recent cold temperatures and hunger drove the usually placid stray dogs into the zoo on their attack.

But according to the Sofia News Agency, "veterinarians discovered six rabid dogs in the moat of the fallow deer space in Sofia Zoo. The rabid stray dogs were picked up by the Sofia Municipality firm, Ekoravnovesie."

We will continue to keep our distance from the stray dogs on the streets of Sofia.


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