Indian and Nepali Cooking in our Neighborhood

I had discovered this restaurant a few blocks away from our home awhile back, but the last time Jodie had come along and climbed the many stairs leading to Gurkha, the restaurant was closed.

Today I ventured out into the cold by myself, and when I saw the "Open" sign on the door, I returned home and convinced Jodie to join me.

Gurkha serves food from all over Asia, with an accent on northern Indian and Nepali cuisine. The restaurant is in an old house and we sat near the fireplace. The menu listed all the exotic dishes on offer, and like any Bulgarian restaurant it included Shopska Salad.

We started with delicious sambosa and thin Nepalese potato chips, dipped in tasty sauces. For main courses we shared pieces of mutton in Nepalese gravy and curry chicken with slices of vegetables. The garlic bread was a great addition the meal. We had the sweet, spicy chai to finish the tasty meal.

We'll be back!


  1. I've heard about this place recently. I was at Kohinoor last week which was quite tasty. Check it out!


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