A “Fancy” Restaurant

One of our favorite restaurants that Ellis and I like to eat at, is “Fancy”, at the mall near our home.

“Fancy” is part of a chain, with restaurants all over Bulgaria. It isn’t actually a “fancy” restaurant, but, on the menu, you will probably find something that “tickles your fancy”. They have a very varied menu, with some of the usual salads, pastas and pizzas, but also some healthy choices and more unusual items. Monday nights are sushi nights.

But the best part of the “Fancy” dining experience is the monthly cuisine from another country. Every month, they offer a special menu featuring around 8 dishes from a selected country – usually including a soup, salads, a main dish or two, and desserts. In addition, they offer the beer of the country, served in the proper beer glasses for that particular beer. Since we’ve been here, we’ve seen menus from the Czech Republic, USA, Germany, France, Argentina and more. This month’s menu is from Ireland, and Ellis and I enjoyed a dinner of Sheppard’s Pie with Murphy’s Red beer.

The restaurant is always busy. The waiters and waitresses are always very pleasant, and the chain offers a discount card of 10% for steady customers. The noise level and cigarette smoke doesn’t make it the choice for a quiet, relaxing meal out, but if you want good food, a varied menu where everyone can find something depending on their mood, then “Fancy” is the place to go.


  1. this restaurant is that it has varied food and worth going to eat there!

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