Restaurants in Burgas

On Friday evening in Burgas, we were still recuperating from an unfresh fish lunch, so we just wanted a quick meal. Unfortunately our choice of Pizza Palace on the pedestrian mall gave us little choices, so it was not a satisfactory dinner.

On Saturday night we walked a few blocks to the Luxor Hotel, which reportedly had a very nice Italian restaurant. We were lucky to get a table, because it filled up quickly. The decor was fancy and the menu was full of appetizing selections. The waitresses wore tight brown uniforms and smiled as we announced our choices, so we even were considering coming back to the restaurant a second time.

Unfortunately, this restaurant didn't live up to our expectations. When we began to drink our wine, Jodie noticed that there was soapy paste at the top of the glass. While she was eating her soup, her main course of chicken fillet and asparagus was served. This is typical of Bulgarian restaurants, but we had assumed the Luxor had a higher class of service.

I chose Stuffed Vegetable Marrows as my appetizer and a Spinach Tagliatelle as my main course, and I was served the pasta first. And then before I had finished, I received a plate of Stuffed Mushrooms. Not what I had ordered.

Sunday night was much more satisfactory, when we dined at the Boulevard, a Bar and Diner at the end of the pedestrian mall near the seashore. Jodie had a very good veal steak and I enjoyed roasted lamb.

We thought this sign on the window of a restaurant where we had stopped for coffee was quite amusing. "30% Off the Entire Menu," the sign announced.


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