Jerusalem from the Air = at the Mall of Sofia

The temperature reached a high of -2 Celsius today, but we refused to be snowbound (although there was no new snow falling). This afternoon we took a taxi to the Mall of Sofia for some shopping and to see the photo exhibition, "Jerusalem from the Air".

As per the invitation from the Israeli Embassy in Sofia, which sponsored the exhibition:

The exhibition, consisting of 25 colour photographs, introduces Jerusalem from a "bird's eye" caught by the skilful lens of Duby Tal, who served as a helicopter pilot in the Israeli Air Force. Moni Haramati, also a pilot of the Israeli Air Force who specializes in aerial photography, piloted the Robinson helicopter from which these photographs were taken. The photos capture the multifaced Jerusalem - old and ancient, new and modern. Master photographs take us in an air tour of Jerusalem, peeking into different neighborhoods, streets and gardens along many historical landmarks. The city goes along with time and changes its appearance, but retains its authentic and ancient spirit, combining different architectural styles and historical periods.

The pictures were beautiful and we were able to identify the places as well as read the captions in Bulgarian. The only thing that disappointed us was that the exhibition was held on the floor above the Food Court, and very few Bulgarians bothered to go up to see the photos.


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