Hanukkah 2nd Candle = Party for Israeli Coworkers

On Friday, I prepared the hummus and tehina, and on Saturday, we got up and started cutting up salads, peeling, grating and frying up approximately 80 latkes. Ellis made trips to the restaurant to bring back the salads, and to the mall for the donuts. The furniture was moved around and the tables were set up with paper plates and silverware. Since we have a small fridge, there was a problem with where to store everything. Fortunately, we didn’t have to worry about the drinks – the temperature outside on our porch was probably colder than the fridge, and certainly sufficient to cool the drinks!

Our Israeli guests were invited for 5:30, so by 5:00, we had the food out and the table prepared. Ellis had decided to label all the food – with the Hebrew names, but written in Bulgarian! Everyone was very amused and impressed with his effort!

Not everyone could make it in the end, but we still were 20 adults and 1 small child - who kept us all amused with his jumping on and off the carpet. The food was a success and I think that everyone had a good time.

Ionatan, Sigal, Ely Beni and Jodie lighting the candles.

Shlomo, Sima, Michal, Yonatan and Ornit.

Victor and Vicky.

Arno, Evgeny and Julian.

Kristina, Elad, Ionatan and Yaniv.

Ornit, Liraz, Michal and Sigal.

Yonatan and Gadi.


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