Bulgarian Slush Fun

If a snowplow came down our street, and many of the other streets of Sofia, there would be no cobblestones left in the street. Maybe that's the reason why the streets are not plowed, and drivers are left to fend for themselves. Some cars haven't moved at all during the past week since the snowstorm hit last Thursday night. On other mornings, drivers have spent quite a bit of time scraping the ice off their windshields.

For some people it's not easy to walk on the snow and ice and caked slush. It's hardest where people have made efforts to clean their sidewalks. Apparently they don't know about spreading salt on the pavement. Cleared sidewalks are the most slippery places and the entrance to our building has a particularly shiny, slippery surface.

The thermometers dipped to a low of -16 degrees Celsius the other night, but ever since it's been getting warmer. The snow is no longer pretty, and the ground and streets are a mushy brown color. The first grip of winter is melting, melting here in Bulgaria. Let's hope the slush is gone quickly.


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