An Israeli restaurant in Sofia

The Holy Land is walking distance from our home. The newly re-opened restaurant on Vitosha Street offers an Israeli cuisine, and in its earlier version was a Lebanese restaurant. With our Israeli house guest, Tal Peer from Neve Ilan, we walked through Yuzhen Park and decided to satisfy our Sunday lunch time appetites with something familiar from back home.

"Opening the table" with a selection of 12 Oriental salads is not cheap (7.50 Leva per person) but the salads were good and definitely Israeli. There were two versions of eggplant salad, tabuli, spicy carrots, pickled vegetables, red cabbage, and an egg salad. But as Jodie noted, you would never be served pitted olives in Abu Gosh.

We had to wait a few more minutes for the pittot to arrive, so that we would have something to dip into our tehina sauce. The pittot were very thin and wafery, but they were hot out of the oven.

For our main course, both Jodie and Tal had the kebab and fried potatoes, and I had the grilled chicken fillet with fried potatoes. Next time we will have to try their felafel. Unfortunately, there was neither Turkish coffee or tea with na'aneh to finish the meal.

The Holy Land restaurant has been open in its Israeli version for two months. What makes it different from a visit to Abu Gosh is the fact that the waiters speak Bulgarian, and not Arabic, and it is slightly higher class dining. Oh, also the fact that during the Sunday lunch time hour, we were the only diners there, but even so, we'll be back!


  1. Would love to try the food at the Holyland Restaurant... and/or Abu Gosh one day! :)


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