Extreme Weather in Two Countries

Jodie was in Israel for a few days, leaving me on my own in Bulgaria. In both countries, during this period, there were extreme weather conditions.

Israel experienced a very wet week, and the heavy rains caused flooding in some towns. Checking in at our Neve Ilan home, Jodie discovered that the roof had leaked onto our refrigerator. Jodie reported, "It poured!"

It was bit colder in Bulgaria, where the temperatures dropped to minus 2 degrees Celsius. And then the first snow of the season hit Sofia, with snow flurries throughout the day. When I walked home from work, the ground and trees and cars were covered in white. The next morning, Mt. Vitosha was white capped as well, but by the time Jodie returned to Bulgaria, the weather had warmed up and all signs of winter were gone. For now.


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