The town of Ohrid

After lunch, we continued our walk through the old town of Ohrid.

We came across a shop where they made paper from wood. We went in and got an explanation of the process, including how they make prints on the paper with one of the 2 copies of the original Guttenberg press which exist in Europe (the original is in Germany, and the other copy is in Bled, Slovania). It was quite interesting, and we bought a print of the old town as a souvenir.

From there we continued to the Sveta Sofija church, which was built in the 11th century, and still had some very clear frescoes adorning the ceiling and walls.

Reptilian resident of the town:

Macedonian costumes on display:

After our walk around the town, it just didn't feel right to be sitting on the lake shore, looking out at the water where people had lost their lives just hours before. We headed back to Skopje.


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