Making Change

We've already written about the difficulties of making change when buying things or paying for taxis. I've adopted a daily schedule that allows us to get the small coins and bills we need to manage.

When I pull out cash from an ATM, I end up with a thick wad of 10 and/or 20 Leva bills. On my way to work in the mornings, I frequently stop at the gas station cafe near my office. I order a cup of coffee like this:

Едно голямо кафе лате, молял
One large coffee latte, please.

The cost of this coffee is 2.85 Leva. I can always get a free cappuccino from the machine in my office, but this coffee is better, and it helps make change. I hand over a 10 Leva note, and very often also have 0.85 in coins. Whether they like it or not, the clerks must hand me some small bills, as I'm holding a hot cup of coffee and ready to leave.

And if it's not coffee in the morning, I can always return to buy a few Corny bars in the afternoon. Not only for the nourishment, but also to make change.


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