The Lake Ohrid Boat Accident

We got back to the town of Ohrid and had a light lunch, and started to explore the old town. Suddenly, my cell phone from Israel rang, and I saw that it was Reut, and I got very worried that something was wrong at home. Imagine our surprise when she started asking us if we were okay. They saw news of the boat sinking on the Internet, including the information that the tourists were from Bulgaria, and they knew that we were at this lake.

We assured her that we were fine, and continued our walk. Shortly afterwards, we went into a shop, and that’s when we heard that 15 people were dead. This was a terrible tragedy for both the Macedonians and the Bulgarians. We have since heard various reports that the boat was overloaded, there were no life vests, that it was an old boat and that it sank in 2 minutes, and most of the passengers were older and some of them didn’t know how to swim.

More about this horrific accident can be found here.


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