Jodie's Company Trip = Arbanassi Wine Tasting

Ellis joined me on the weekend when my company trip took us to central Bulgaria. Our first stop was the village of Arbanassi, which we had visited with our children, but we saw new things. We ate lunch at Restaurant Garden “Izvora” in the village, which was a typical Bulgarian meal of shopska salad, tarator yoghurt soup, chicken and potatoes, and buffalo yoghurt with blueberry jam for dessert.

Then we went next door to the Wine Gallery Izvora for a wine tasting, where we served five different kinds of wine.

The Bulgarian woman who spoke about the wines in Bulgarian also sang songs about wine, including the local version of the Israeli folk song "Tumbalaleika."

We bought a 2008 Syrah from the Chateau Karnobat Winery, which we both agreed was the best of the wines we tasted. Jodie's co-worker Monica won a free bottle of wine.


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