Ellis's Company Trip = Bansko

My company went on its annual company trip this week to the ski resort town of Bansko, in southwestern Bulgaria. In September, Bansko was quite deserted, with dozens of hotels and resort apartments standing empty, and others being built for the coming winter season. The mountains were hard to see among the clouds and it was drizzling and chilly.

My young coworkers came to party, and they started their consumption of alcohol already at lunchtime. They will have to excuse me if I did not partake in the noisy, all-night disco party. Instead I found time for a walk in the mountains. I did some hiking in Pirin National Park on the slopes leading up to the ski paths.

A view of Bansko itself, with the cloud-covered mountains in the background:

With Milan, the company driver:


  1. Hi Ellis,

    Nice post on Bansko and blog in general.

    Regards, Lance


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