Budapest with the Family

It was a complicated vacation to arrange, but everything feel into place. Jodie and I flew from Sofia on Thursday afternoon and arrived at Budapest's airport just a short time before the flight from Israel arrived. Reut and Nir, Merav and Erez, had all flown to Hungary as well to join us for the four days of the Rosh Hashanah weekend. A driver was waiting to take us into the city where I had booked rooms at a centrally located hotel. The first evening was rainy, but the rest of our stay in Budapest had perfect weather for a perfect vacation.

Our sightseeing on Friday began with a walk to the nearby Synagogue. As it was just before the holiday we were unable to see the inside, so that will have to wait for our next visit.

We looked out across the Danube River at Buda Castle, on the Buda side.

The Chain Bridge:

Everywhere we went, there were dried peppers for sale.

In the afternoon, Jodie and I took a guided tour of the Opera House, which was just around the corner of our hotel. One evening we even were resting in our hotel room and we could hear opera music, although this was from a street performance just outside the Opera House. The Opera House was quite impressive.

Below, Erez at the Basilica.

On Friday night, we took a dinner cruise on the Danube River.

Budapest Castle at night.


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