Budapest: Heroes Square, a Castle, and a Street Fair

When we left our hotel on Saturday morning we discovered that nearby Andrassy Street had been closed down for a weekend Street Fair, although we could never discover exactly what the theme was. There were booths devoted to the environment, street performers, food stands, and other things with signs only in Hungarian.

We took the Metro to an indoor market, crowded with people buying fruits, vegetables and other products. Upstairs were more shops with Budapest souvenirs and clothing. There were dried peppers for sale everywhere.

And paprika! In a number of stalls we saw goulash soup kits with the recipe in many languages, including Hebrew.

We started a city bus tour, and the first stop was Heroes Square, a huge square with statues and tourists surrounded by museums.

And we all know, statues are meant for climbing.

A statuesque pose:

From the square we walked into the nearby park, where we saw the colorful Vajdahunyad Castle. Inside was an agriculture museum, so we passed on that.

Ah, Tic Tacs, my favorite!


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