Street Scenes

Random photographs from our street. The first one shows the name = Dimitar Hadzhikotsev Street.

The pothole in the intersection right outside our building. This was filled in just the other day.

The wiring along the street. This can't be safe!

There are many fruit trees along the street and in the neighborhood = apples, plums, cherries. Here are grapes on the vine.

An old-style apartment building on the street, with a Russian-made Moskvich car parked in front.

Old and new. While there are many modern apartment buildings in the neighborhood, there are also relics from the past.

At the end of the street, Yuzhen Park. Berries!

Yuzhen Park is green, with a stream and pathways through the woods. Plenty of benches, and on weekends, full of people.


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