Our Children Visit Bulgaria = Rila

At long last our children were able to come visit us in Bulgaria, to see our home and experience a bit of the life we're living in the Balkans. Reut (29), Merav (27), and Erez (26) arrived on Wednesday night, and unfortunately Reut's husband, Nir, was unable to join them on this trip.

On Thursday, we drove south from Sofia in our rented car and went into the Rila Mountains.

We had already visited the stunning Rila Monastery once, but it is one of the main attractions and because of all the visitors, it is considered the Jerusalem of Bulgaria.

Retracing our steps from our previous visit, we bought a jar of honey at a roadside stand and stopped for lunch along the banks of the river. Only Erez agreed to try the grilled trout, but everybody enjoyed the sheep's yoghurt with jam and honey.

Above = Erez and Jodie. Below = Merav and Ellis.

Below = Ellis and Reut.


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