Jodie is in Bulgaria legally!

Well , of course she is, but it was a long process that only just ended this week when Jodie was issued her Card of Foreigner Residing for Long Time in the Republic of Bulgaria, good for one year.

My company had much more experience in the Bulgarian absorption process, but Jodie's company did things a little more slowly. In both cases, the process was basically the same.

When you arrive in Bulgaria, you're allowed to stay for a period of 90 days. To get an extension, you need to submit a request at the Bulgarian Embassy in your home country (Tel Aviv). That is ready after some 21 days, although it took much longer for Jodie's. The extension is good for 6 months, but during that period you must go to the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior.

Three visits to the Ministry are required, and you must go with a Bulgarian speaker! The first time you submit your application for a visa extension, on the second visit you get your extension (now good for a year) and submit two pictures, and on the third visit you get your Card.

When leaving or returning to Bulgaria, we present our Bulgarian ID card at Passport Control. Jodie has nothing to fear, because like me, she is here legally at last!


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